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Nazimgarh Resorts is a premier hotel and resort destination of Bangladesh. Its different properties in the northeast district of Sylhet offer places to stay in tea garden, forest and adventure locations. Built in Eco friendly environments, Nazimgarh Resorts offers more than a retreat, it offers a sanctuary amidst nature. With multitude of activities, many sights to see and places to visit, Nazimgarh Resorts is the ultimate destination for guests who love nature.

Our Resorts

The 'Garden Resort' is ideally located amidst nature just 7 kilometers from the center of Sylhet City. The ‘Wilderness’ and the 'Tent Camp' are located at Lalakhal, about 45 kilometers from Sylhet City at the base of the Meghalaya Hills. Surrounded by hills, mountains and river, it is a magical location that delights every visitor.

Winter Escape
Valid upto 31st March, 2018
Honeymoon Package

The Resort locations offer a multitude of activities including Boat Cruise, Canoeing and Kayaking, Trekking, ATV riding, Cycling, Team Building exercises, Camp Fires, Zorb Balling, Archery, Outdoor Cooking, Sight Seeing and much more.

  • boating

    Cruise on the blue/green waters of the Shari River. An experience like no other in Bangladesh.

  • canoe
    Canoeing & Kayaking

    You can Canoe or Kayak in the clear waters of the Shari River, or in the beautiful Lagoon Lake at the 'Wilderness'.

  • cycling

    Enjoy cycling through the Khadimnagar Tea Estate and National Nature Park near the 'Garden Resort'. The village roads around 'Wilderness' at Lalakhal is another opportunity to give guests a look at rural Bangladesh.

  • trekking

    There are endless miles of trekking, whether it be through the Rain Forest of Khadimnagar National Park near 'Garden Resort', or the hills of Lalakhal next to the Meghalaya mountains at the 'Wilderness'. Each trek is an experience to remember.

  • atv ride
    ATV Ride

    Enjoy riding ATV in the fields of Lalakhal.

  • camp fire
    Camp Fire

    Experience unforgettable Camp Fires in the beautiful lawns of the 'Garden Resort', or the hills of the 'Wilderness', or the riverside of the 'Tent Camp'.

  • team building
    Team Building

    The 'Wilderness' and the 'Tent Camp' at Lalakhal are the ideal locations for outdoor Team Building exercises.

  • team building