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Guest reviews

We are happy to share with you some comments our guests have made on their visits to our different resorts.

  • "The tent experience is amazing and create a different value and image. The beautyness of the area fantactic and lucrative. Food quality excellent. Food alternative average. Staff service excellent. Restuarent service limited upto 10 pm. But should be concern 24 hours along with tea/coffee service"

    Tawhidul Islam
    Nazimgarh Tent Camp, 20th February, 2016
  • "A hotel of solutude in the busy bangladesh. Lobby room, and the beautiful views of mountain top do impress me deeply. But the best things is the sound of the roof during the heavy rain"

    Zhou Wang
    Nazimgarh Wilderness Resort, 12th February, 2016
  • "The best holiday ever. The staff is very welcoming. The food is briliant, the palce is like paradice. Everything has been though of carefully. Thanks you to everyone who made our holiday an unforgottable in bangladesh"

    Hala Obeid
    Nazimgarh Wilderness Resort, 31st January, 2016
  • "Thank you so much for taking such great care of us. We had a lovely time. We will definitely recommend Wilderness to others."

    Edward Heddy
    Nazimgarh Wilderness Resort, 25th January, 2016
  • "Its been a pleasure visiting the nature bound resort. Reception and all the other amenties have been nice. All the staff were very helpful and acoordinated promptly to the requirements. Wish the resort the best of my wishes"

    Nazimgarh Tent Camp, 18th December, 2015
  • "A close friend re commended nazimgarh as the place to stay now Sylhet. Its right, we enjoyed, its quiet, the comfort, the service are excellent."

    Prof. Bruce Bennett Lawrence
    Nazimgarh Garden Resort, 16th December, 2015
  • "The service of thus resorts is very good, environment, security systyem and the behaviour of their employees are satisfactory."

    Dr. Tufayel Ahmed
    Nazimgarh Tent Camp, 26th November, 2015
  • "The place is great, peaceful and well maintained. The service is extaordinary. The staff are well behaved and trained. Overall a very plesant experience."

    Nazimgarh Wilderness Resort, 22nd November, 2015
  • "The tent are fanstatic! They are a pacious and comfortable. The dogs and cows are very nice to have arounnd. The ataff i9s very nicce and helpful. He meals were very tasty. Overall the resort is very we;; kept and very beautiful. We are looking forward to returning. Bathroom and showers were very clean and very nice also. the space at the top of the hill is amazing, keep it open like this."

    Rafael Almedia
    Nazimgarh Wilderness Resort, 22nd November, 2015
  • "We enjoy bit of hospitality. The support stuff were very co-operative and friendly. Every nitty gritty details were taken care of very professinally. The best part of this resort is maintaining nature element. We wish to visit again in upcoming future."

    Faisal Mobarak
    Nazimgarh Wilderness Resort, 21st November, 2015
  • "Great Place. Really well done. Loved the surronding and hospitality. Loved being amidst nature. Recommended to all. Staff is great/polite and friendly."

    Taesh wal
    Nazimgarh Wilderness Resort, 14th November, 2015
  • "What a great place for a seminar. Although a bit challenging to focus on other things from the beauty of the place- that would be the great hospitality and good food. A true experience. We leave with great memories."

    All staff of Royal Norway Embassy
    Nazimgarh Wilderness Resort, 13th November, 2015
  • "Mind blowing . Perfect resort to stay with friends and family. With great accomodation and friendly service. Provides the ample greenery and scenic beauty that Bangladesh has to offer. It has truly a memorable stay."

    Tauhidur Rahman Khan
    Nazimgarh Wilderness Resort, 24th October, 2015
  • "The above comments are absolutely corrects of truthful observation. But I must say that the owner of the resort has given Bangladesh a vision for entertainment in the country deserve an award as pioneer."

    Rokeya & Amar Quader
    Nazimgarh Wilderness Resort, 18th October, 2015
  • "What a fantastic weekend. Was so glad, the resort offered a tent so that we could afford to stay two nights. We enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere as a break from the hectic city. The clean blue river water, kanoe-kayaks and tasty Bangladeshi cuisine-this place has it all. thanks for a great stay."

    Tom Britt and Minoli
    Nazimgarh Tent Camp, 17th October, 2015
  • "We enjoyed our stay at your resort very much. It is a nice place. We really appreciate it that you opened the kitchen for us at 21:00 clock for us alone. Thank you for all the help."

    Jeren Geranda
    Nazimgarh Tent Camp, 04th October, 2015
  • "Really enjoyed the stay. Greatly appreciated care + attention from people and very well kept faci9lity. Enjoyed walk around the primeses, enjoying narture. Above all , we greatly appreciated hospitality of people at the resort. Look forward to coming back."

    Tayana khiguohi
    Nazimgarh Wilderness Resort, 27th September, 2015
  • "Impressed by the excellent management and hospitality served by the hotel and spa. I will come with my family again to enjoy our holiday here. It is a great experience, realy aprrreciated. Hope the resort will be more known to outside."

    Wang Tao
    Nazimgarh Wilderness Resort, 23rd August, 2015
  • "Absolutely Smashing!! We came in the wilderness to see the rains and we certainly got more than we bargained for. Throughout the past 4 days the skies opened up, splendid orchastrated by Mr. Chowdhury. It was the nearest thrip to heavenly bliss"

    Shahana Obayed
    Nazimgarh Wilderness Resort, 17th August, 2015
  • "A most beuatiful monsoon break for my two daughters and two grand kids and of course for me and my wife. Everything- ambience, food, company service was superb. Most grateful thanks to all. "

    S.Q Chowdhury
    Nazimgarh Wilderness Resort, 17th August, 2015
  • "Truly lived upto it name wilderness. Truly lovely location among trees and carefully planned land occupied wall around. The staff and facilities were also superb. Love to come back again and again "

    Omar Imam
    Nazimgarh Wilderness Resort, 9th July, 2015
  • "The most beautiful place is northern Bangladesh. Thanks for the perfect scene."

    Dr.Thomas Prinz
    Nazimgarh Wilderness Resort, 6th June, 2015
  • "An wonderful discovery. Never expected such quality service/food and an ideal place for my outboundtrains. Thank you all. It is perfect Place for the saying " Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere and sometimes in the middle of nowhere you find your self."

    Raju Sharma
    Nazimgarh Wilderness Resort, 9th May, 2015
  • "lovely relaxing place to visit. We will spread the word and will be back. Great food too"

    Nazimgarh Wilderness Resort, 5th April, 2015
  • "Had a fantastic stay very nice helpful and polite staff. Manager arranged some great trips for us had many great adventures. Will definetly recommened to others. Thanks you all very much"

    Soner Jettegi
    Nazimgarh Wilderness Resort, 25th March, 2015
  • "Really charged my batteries now this is such as amazing and peaceful place. Thanks for looking so well for us"

    Merete Lundemo
    Nazimgarh Wilderness Resort, 7th February, 2015
  • "Peacefull and beautiful hotel and entertainment, warm welcome and alternative service we had very relaxing and enjoyable days Really thanks"

    Dora Rasald
    Nazimgarh Wilderness Resort, 13th January, 2015
  • "I had heard a lot about Nazimgarh’s excellent facilities during the last few years. I have been deeply impressed by the environment and the design of the resort- one of the best in this country. I wish it success."

    Dr. Jamilur Reza Choudhury
    Nazimgarh Garden Resort, 18th August, 2014