Nazimgarh Tent Camp

Open from October to March

Nazimgarh 'Tent Camp' is located on the banks of the Sharee River at Lalakhal, a picturesque place at the base of the Jaintia Hills bordering the Indian State of Meghalaya. The 'Sharee' originates at a height of 1420 meters (4650 feet) from a place called Mitimyntdu, close to Jowai town of the West Jaintia Hills District of Meghalaya. There, the river is known as Myntdu or "Ka Tawiarka Takam" (Our Guardian Angel) in the local Pnar (Khasi) dialect. Encircling Jowai town on three sides, the Myntdu flows south through Leshka valley to reach Borghat village within Jaintia Hills before entering Bangladesh as the 'Sharee' at Lalakhal.

The river brings from the hills much sand and other minerals that give the waters a unique blue-green colour. While in the dry season the river is mild, its crystal clear water of an emerald colour, in the rainy season it become a raging torrent, at times over flowing its banks. Around 1340 AD, Ibne Battuta of Morocco, one of the gratest travelers of all time, is said to have travelled down this 'blue' river on his return journey after visiting Hazrat Shah Jalal in Sylhet.

'Tent Camp' is on the banks of the river Sharee, near its sister resort 'Wilderness' which is located on the hillside. The 'River Queen' restaurant is the focal point with its panoramic view following the bend in the river. The 'Adventure Camp' tent site is nearby, under the shade of the surrounding trees. These comfortable tents give guests a sense of nature and adventure rarely available in other places. The clear night sky allows one to see stars with a clarity that needs to be experienced to be truly believed. It is Nature in its purest form.


Lalakhal, Jaintapur, Sylhet Bangladesh.

(+88) 01841001201, 01841001202, 01712027722.